Kate (blushinlkewine) wrote in broken_mind,

swallow us both

this jealous haze of june
swallows us both
me against him in this parking lot of whores
with the lazy dew in the air
we stumble and struggle to breathe
but we never say the words
we both know are there. 

cold beers turn to warm puddles
that swallow us both
me against this chevy in this driveway of cracked dreams
with the romantic hum of a guitar
we belong anywhere but here and now
but we're still combing through
for any sort of escape

and before i can latch on to an exit door
he looks at me to say
     not all my songs are sad
     only the ones i sing about you
and suddenly i've melted 
down to the puddle 
of warm beer in that parking lot
where it all sparked off.  
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